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Hannukah: still going strong

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On December 21, 2006
At 5:45 pm
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I’d post another menorah shot with additional candles to prove it but trust me, this thing just keeps going. And today, as promised, I’m discussing gifts. I’ve gotten some good ones, including my favorite, cash, with which I’ve gone ahead and purchased the thing you’ve heard me whining about all year, a new laptop. if you’ve been paying close attention, you knew that I recently wasted far too much time vanquishing spyware from my Thinkpad and you have no doubt reached the proper conclusion. Yes, I bought a MacBook. I’d probably be typing from it right now except Steve Jobs was far too efficient and overnighted it, thus ensuring no one would be at home to receive it. My super is SO not getting tipped! Anyway, next post, hopefully.

Now, this wasn’t easy for me as my father worked for IBM and I’ve used Big Blue machines from childhood. I can still do wonders in DOS! But no matter, I’ll learn. I admit I feel a bit traitorous. If you grew up in the golden age of IBM employeehood you’ll know that they had beach and pool clubs, holiday children’s parties, scholarships, and other fun stuff just for the families. But that’s all gone and so is their laptop division. Bring on my Mac! I wanted a cute white one but the Pro’s only come in silver, alas. Ironically, many people go with Apple products just for style whereas I chose one despite the way it looks.

So I don’t have a picture of that yet, but I do have a picture of this nifty present my sister’s family gave me, as chosen by my 12 year old niece who saw it and immediately thought of me. Who wouldn’t?

Yep, it’s the Homer Simpson Chia pet! I’m not even going to grow this thing, I’m keeping it in its box and displaying it proudly in my office. I always wondered who bought these things and now I know: people looking for gag gifts. Sold!

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m sure I couldn’t even grow a Chia head. I suck.

Speaking of people sucking, that reminds me of one of the best holiday gifts I’ve ever received. This one was from my former co-worker, Larry, who knew me nearly as well as my niece does, and got me a laser pointer with the following cheery message:

As you can imagine, I find plenty of uses for it. Anyway, here’s to everyone getting thoughtful or large-billed presents!

Despite the fact that there are no good Hannukah songs (sorry, there just aren’t), this song did pop up on my iPod this week (shut up, yes it is on my iPod). For my favorite Christmas song you’ll have to see the iPod song of the week.

Styx – Lights