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Emergency over!

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On December 5, 2006
At 3:50 pm
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Thanks for all your efforts but I did indeed get my Deftones ticket. In case you weren’t convinced that the Internets were the most magical thing on earth, it turns out that my post showed up on the very first page if you were Googling people who needed a ticket for that date. God bless you, Sergey and Other Guy.

Actually, I’m not sure my contact found me that way but a few other people did. Either way, I met up with MKB just now and after paying more than I should have but less than I could have, I’m the proud owner of a shiny ticket to tonight’s Deftones show at the Nokia Theatre.

Someone asked me, with concern, if I’d be going alone. Hell yes! It’s not that I don’t like going to shows with friends, but please, the fact that none of my friends share my love for a particular band isn’t going to stop me from hearing them play. It’s not like you and your friend can have a deep conversation during the show. And after all, how many chances do you get to hear the iPod Song of the Week live in the very week it’s featured? Of course, I can’t be sure they’ll play it, but I won’t ask for my money back if they don’t. There’s a singular pleasure in attending a show by a band where you know every word to every song.

Anyway, I’ve put up enough Deftones songs this week and this year and I won’t put another here. Feel free to just play a song by one of your own favorite bands and imagine yourself at their show. If you want to make the identification more accurate, make it an angry song with lots of swear words.


Update 12/6

The show was heavenly, and I’m not just talking about the second-hand high I received five seconds after walking into the place. No, Chino was his energetic self, they played all the right things (including the iPod Song of the Week), and I was able to avoid the mosh pit. And let me tell you, should you ever have any pent-up anger, the antidote is surely the act of yelling “Shove it! Shove it! Shove it!” along with several thousand other people.