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On September 25, 2011
At 11:00 pm


Hi! Welcome! Thanks for visiting! Here are the questions I imagine you asking me.

1. Who the hell are you?

For many years (yes, I’m older than that picture would lead you to believe) I worked in the music industry making sure your local “Tower Records” branch had the latest “compact discs” of talented, talented artists who no longer record music for a living or are in prison. At a certain point, I had my fill of this and left to begin grad school at a local university where I studied educational technology because I believe the children are our future, teach them well and so forth. If this isn’t detailed enough for you, read more about my mid-life epiphany here. I now teach and coordinate the K-5 technology program at Fancypants Prep, a well-ranked private school in Manhattan.

2. Do you have a more current picture?

No current pictures of me exist.

3. What’s with the blog name?

It’s a wink at the anti-Semitic stereotype that Jews control the world. In case you are new to this blog, I’ll just come out and tell you: I do not control the world.

4. Why David Nalbandian?

I’m a big fan. He has nerves of steel and opposites attract, you know.

5. What is Jew&A?

Due to my belief that there’s no such thing as a stupid question and my inability to be offended, people like to ask me questions about Judaism. I, in turn, like to answer them in a way that anyone can understand. You can email me or use the handy form and I will answer in a blog post. So easy!

6. Why do many of the music links lead to the homepage of

Because they changed their site and broke all my links. I now link to 30 second snippets on Amazon, which seems to have a better business model and might thus stay in existence long enough to allow my links to work. It’s too much work to change all the old ones, though, so please hum the songs in your head.

7. Who are these people whose blogs you link to?

Some are my friends, some linked to me, some I discovered on my own. Lots of them don’t blog anymore but they’re new to you!

8. Can I link to you?


9. Will you link to me?


Oh, I kid. If you link to me I’ll visit your site and if I laugh (with you, not at you) I’ll link right back. If I missed you linking to me, I’m sorry!

10. What’s that Magic Jewball Blogger blog that sometimes comes up on Google?

That’s my old blog which ended in June of 2006. All those posts plus a whole lot more are on this site. Pay no attention to that site, you hear!

11. So who hosts you now?

I’m with Hostgator and highly recommend them.

12. And what blog platform do you use?

WordPress. I love WordPress and so will you. I mean, I don’t know you but I’m pretty sure.

13. Cool design! Can I rifle through your files and steal elements of your theme?

Mais non! This design was adapted exclusively for me and it’s not for sale (or available for theft). If you like it, feel free to contact the designer linked to in the footer and you can hire him yourself. However, if you’re asking this question, you probably found me through that link, in which case, head right back.

14. Can I use your pictures for my site?

Many of my pictures are already borrowed but if it’s clear that it’s my photo then I’d love it if you linked back to me or gave my site a mention but you don’t have to, especially if you’re a porn site of some kind. You can click on my Creative Commons License below for more info. When in doubt, shoot me an e-mail.

15. Can I hotlink to your pictures?

Please don’t. I pay for my bandwidth. Try a service like Photobucket. It’s just as free to use as I am and so karmically superior.

16. Can I advertise on your site or sponsor a post? Or will you write about my product or website?

Sorry, but no. The site is free of advertising and commercialism for now and forever.

17. I keep coming back but there’s nothing new!

I’m busy watching TV living my glamorous New York life!

Actually, life in school and now my new career is more time-consuming than the old, so I post less often than I used to.

But have you tried the RSS feed? If nothing else it will alert you to when I have new posts and/or comments. There’s a separate feed for each in the footer. I use and recommend Google Reader but you can use your favorite service. Copy and paste the link and drop it in the feeder. My posts feed even tells you how many comments there are so you can click back and look at them.

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