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Happy National Friends Day!

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On December 1, 2006
At 2:00 pm
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What, you forgot? For shame. Oh, I kid, I just made that up right now. Well, yesterday, but I wanted to keep my “please please please get me a Deftones ticket” post up for a bit, plus December 1st just sounds so much better than November 30th for a national holiday.

Anyway, despite the fact that no one has a ticket for me (yet), I did want to take a moment to wax lyrical about the fantastic friends I have. I mean, they’re funny, they know the right things to say, and they’re there for me, what more could you want? And yet, there’s a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day and a Valentine’s Day, but no Friends Day. Why? All those other people have to love you and be good to you, it’s part of the program. But your friends, well, they could easily move onto other friends if they wanted.

This blog has never really been about my personal life but I have this public forum with which to thank people who really deserve it so bear with me just this once, thanks. I just wanted to say that recently I needed my friends very badly and they all showed up to the party and were fantastic and supportive and brilliantly funny and just exactly the way I needed them to be (OK, 99% of them but the other 1% was acceptable; honorable mention to you). Some of them even put up with six pages of my drivel (although I told them it was OK to skim). I wish I could post all the things they said but I can assure you, nameless friends, that I have kept all your fantastic e-mails, and the conversations will always remain in my head.

And of course, some of them post here and cheer me up with all the nice comments, like that I was missed while I was away. This is not an invitation to do that, and as a matter of fact, I considered closing the comments on this one. But should you like to comment about your own friends and how they’ve been there for you, feel free. After all, it is National Friends Day. Better get in on this one before they commercialize it and you’re required to buy cards and teddy bears for the occasion.

And while we’re here, I especially wanted to give some props to DuchessJane. I don’t know how she puts up with me, really. I sometimes treat her like she’s alive simply to give me advice and comfort. Sorry about that, DuJane. But all I can say is that Blackberry + Jane = Always having someone there for you.

Oh, don’t cry, here, have a box of Friends Day chocolates. I only ate one. And a half.

Deftones – Cherry Waves