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All night long

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On December 27, 2006
At 2:25 am
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I would just like to start by saying this is a filler post. You know how you are sure that some songs on an album are so formulaic that they must have been written in five minutes and just included to make the CD 42 minutes? This is one of those posts. You see, no one’s reading this week and I’m, so to speak, on vacation. Plus the post that’s really in my head is my yearly wrap-up (first annual!) and it’s not quite the end of the year yet. But I’m awake and the MacBook is on my lap, so why the hell not?

Speaking of, did you ever wonder what would happen if your life was free of alarm clocks and all responsibilities? Not when you were traveling because being away doesn’t count. I mean at home, in your own environment. I know for myself what it would be like from two methods. First when I was unemployed for 3 weeks before my present job and second my previously mentioned annual 9 days off in December. What happens to me is that I revert back to the sleep schedule that my body really wants to have, which is to go to sleep at dawn and sleep until one or two pm.

Luckily we live in a world where there are 300 channels and TiVo. I can’t imagine living this lifestyle in the age of the network sign-off. You know those old movies where they play the national anthem on the TV and then there’s a high-pitched noise and a test-pattern comes on? Of course, I couldn’t be blogging at 2am in that scenario either but you get me. Most of my friends already know not to call me before noon (I’m willing to be woken up after that if it’s important) and any activity will take place in the safe confines of the afternoon or evening. Tomorrow and Thursday I have early afternoon plans so I may actually have to set an alarm. Yes, life is tough.

The only real problem with this, naturally, is going back to work and then you are totally jetlagged even though you’ve remained in the same time zone the entire time. And then when you can’t stay awake during meetings, people will ask you what exciting place you visited in which case you are free to say, “I was watching ‘I Love the 90’s’ and blogging at 3am!”

Gotta go, they’re doing 1992.

Peter Murphy – All Night Long