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iPod song of the week – Holiday

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On December 24, 2006
At 2:30 pm
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I have quite a few favorite Christmas songs, but this is easily at the top of my list. I mean it’s catchy and fun but it’s the lyrics that make the song. Could there be a cuter holiday scenario than this one? The girl and the guy spend the year trying to get together but hectic schedules and crazy circumstances intervene. But then, on Christmas Eve, all alone, she discovers she’s missing something for her dinner. And then….

So on with the boots, back out in the snow
To the only all-night grocery,
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
In the line is that guy I’ve been chasing all year!

“I’m spending this one alone,” he said.
“Need a break; this year’s been crazy.”
I said, “Me too, but why are you?
You mean you forgot cranberries too?”

Then suddenly we laughed and laughed
Caught on to what was happening
That Christmas magic’s brought this tale
To a very happy ending!


The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping