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Get your cookie on

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On March 5, 2007
At 1:30 pm
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I am really, really tired today and so I’m just going to go with a baking photo essay. Everyone likes pictures! Sadly, there are none of the fabu dinner I had with Pious B’s famiglia (for some reason all their wine was Italian) but happily there are none of me staying up late tidying up for the cleaning lady who never showed up this morning.

Cookies anyone?

Step one.

Step two.

You guessed it, step three.

3am. Oh my God, kill me now.

After 7 hours, the finished product.

Happy Purim, I’m never eating cookies again. Oh right, I have 20 baskets of other people’s cookies on my table. Right after those are gone, then.

U2 – Sweetest Thing


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  1. Celia says:

    I think we are doing something wrong. We distributed mishloach manot to probably 50 people individually, in addition to my bringing 5 dozen hamantaschen to my office for general consumption, and yet we have no cookies in our house to speak of except the cosmetically unacceptable poppyseed hamantaschen, that were unsuitable for giving away but no one in the house wants to eat.

  2. I am not Jewish and know not of this Purim but I did bake cookies last night – several dozen white chocolate almond cookies. Even though I’m not Jewish, am I allowed to plotz just a little about how good they are?

  3. Becca says:

    Celia, you need new friends. Friends who like to bake. Or lazy friends who have access to synagogues and Kosher shops which sell pre-made ones.

    Why, Ima, just read the previous post; all the details are right in there. But I’m not sure I believe you, maybe you should send me some to test.

  4. Pious B says:


  5. Becca says:

    Nice going there, Pi. How do you know my cleaning lady doesn’t read my blog?

    PS, officially, Ermin was sick today. I cannot imagine how that could happen to a person who does physical labor all day while breathing in chemical cleanser fumes.

    But yes, that’s pretty much how I felt at the time.

  6. Average Jane says:

    Dare I ask what the tool is in step 3? If there is a super secret Hamantaschen tool out there that I never knew about, I will be desperately disappointed.

    Someone offered me my first little darling today, but I had to refuse. I’ve been cookie free for a few years now. Trust me, it ain’t easy. Except when they are prune filled.

    Great blog!

  7. Soxy says:

    I was wondering the same thing myself, Jane. And here I was, just at Bed Bath and Beyond, convinced that I now own every kitchen tool I could possibly ever need. I guess I was wrong.

  8. Becca says:

    Thanks, Jane!

    Oh, the joys of the silicone pastry brush! No more bristles matted together with egg. So easy to wash, so handy, everyone should have one.

    Bed, Bath, & Beyond you say?


  9. Sarpon says:

    Is it a pastry brush? Are you adding an egg wash to the hamantaschen (which was not a step in the recipe I was given)?

  10. Becca says:

    What? There’s more than one recipe for Hamentaschen out there?

    Oh, I kid, yes, my recipe uses an egg wash.

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