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Eight Days A Week

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On March 30, 2007
At 12:05 pm
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Well, I’m almost ready for Passover. Which is good because it’s almost here. My hair is cut, my refrigerator is nearly empty (anyone want ten half-full condiment bottles?), Ermin is on her way deep-clean, and I purchased the one thing I was assigned on our Big Family Get-together shopping list: wine. Actually, I only had to buy half the wine as I refuse to buy the sweet crap and just got the good stuff. As everyone remembers, I’m keen on any holiday that demands I drink a lot. Beer is, sadly, forbidden on Passover, however (and so is marijuana).

Although most people think that the primary thing one eats on Passover is matzah, I actually mostly avoid eating it at all. My strategy is only to eat things I could normally eat. This means avoiding the chicken I saw at my local shop which seemed to be covered in crushed matzah. No, I eat lots of meat, potatoes, chocolate, cheese, and fruit. Matzah-ball soup is, of course, allowed. Aside from avoiding Fruity Pebbles I can then forget that I’m restricted at all. I know, this probably violates the spirit of the holiday but doing without Fruity Pebbles is hard. Not to mention all my condiments.

Lots of people (of all religions) get excited because Passover is the only time that they sell Coke made with sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup in the US (the rest of the world gets sugar year-round). Since I only drink Coke on Passover (it makes up for the loss of sugary cereal) I never really noticed that it changed. But for the rest of you, stock up!

You may think that replacing my entire food supply is expensive, and it is, but it’s entirely made up for by not stopping into Starbucks for eight days. I tend to come out way ahead.

Anyhoo, thus ends our Friday filler post. I’ll try to get another one in early next week before I get swallowed into matzahland. For the first two days it’ll be a land without blogs and blog statistics. This, frankly, is harder to take than doing without bread. But it’s OK, I’ll have someone looking after JBall to make sure it doesn’t explode in my absence.

I’d post The Beatles/Eight Days A Week but it’s not available on any legal download service. Feel free to hum it in your head.