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On March 8, 2007
At 2:05 pm
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Well, the houseguests arrive today and I think I’m ready. Luckily, they’re not the types who need to be picked up at the airport or anything. And when I say pick up, I mean it in the Manhattanite sense, which is, I take public transportation to meet you and then guide you back via the Airtrain. There isn’t any of that cushy curbside stop, drop your stuff in my trunk type stuff. But luckily for me, I won’t have to do that at all and I can just sit here and wait for them to arrive before we all go off to stuff ourselves with dinner. Once they inevitably fall asleep at the table (it’ll be 3am their time), I intend to just steal the food right off their plates.

I know I said my houseguests were German but I was only 75% truthful there. One is and the other is really from LA. But he’s lived in Berlin so long now that he’s begun to have a German-inflected English, occasionally searching for the correct word or pronouncing “cool” as something resembling “kül”. But that’s OK, I find it more exotic than LA.

In other news of this weekend, we begin daylight savings time three weeks earlier, a fact that both I and my computer are wholly unprepared for. Being that I wake up long after sunrise all year round and leave work after sunset 90% of the year, the whole saving energy thing resonates with me not at all. All I know is that my sleep pattern gets fucked with and I have to run around changing 5 or 6 clocks. Is consistency too much to ask? Don’t they do fine without this in Arizona? Or Indiana? Or wherever it is that they don’t do this? What is the fucking point?

Now, with the date of the time change being different, I have to deal with the whole computer thing too. My computer at work has to be totally re-imaged, whatever that means, to accommodate the patch that changes the time. Fabulous, so I will lose all my settings for a change of one hour. Then I have to download something for my Blackberry as well. I might as well just live an hour behind for a few weeks. I’m sure the people at jury duty won’t mind me showing up an hour late, right?

I’m going to print out this blog post and bring it with me just to be sure. If nothing else, they may think I’m too insane to be allowed on a jury.

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