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Get your cookie on

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On March 5, 2007
At 1:30 pm
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I am really, really tired today and so I’m just going to go with a baking photo essay. Everyone likes pictures! Sadly, there are none of the fabu dinner I had with Pious B’s famiglia (for some reason all their wine was Italian) but happily there are none of me staying up late tidying up for the cleaning lady who never showed up this morning.

Cookies anyone?

Step one.

Step two.

You guessed it, step three.

3am. Oh my God, kill me now.

After 7 hours, the finished product.

Happy Purim, I’m never eating cookies again. Oh right, I have 20 baskets of other people’s cookies on my table. Right after those are gone, then.

U2 – Sweetest Thing