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Clearly, the ultimate question

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On June 10, 2007
At 9:00 pm
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So what were people thinking about during today’s exciting though nonetheless predictable French Open Men’s Final? Was it the clay supremacy of Rafael Nadal? Was it the question of whether Roger Federer can seriously be called the best tennis player of all time when he can’t beat Rafa at Roland Garros and will thus perhaps never win the ultimate Grand Slam? Let’s have a look at a selection of today’s searches and see:

Thank goodness there’s no special occasion needed to worry about David Nalbandian’s weight, though.

Edited for a late-breaking addition:

Yes, it’s a new TV show, Rafael Nadal, Tennis Jew.

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  1. kb says:

    interesting how germans and nederlanders are obsessed with his weight, while canadians and .com’ers only worry about religion.

    How do you get these stats, anyway? Do you pay for a service? does it come with your web account?

  2. Becca says:

    Well, perhaps the Nalbandian thing is because he begins a tournament in Germany today. Or someone spotted him at a donut shop.

    Most people who host independently get stats as part of their hosting package but there are plenty you can use for free by inserting their code in your blog. If you’re a big site with lots of hits (like Gawker, say) those free sites make you pay, which subsidizes small potatoes like me. I actually use several packages because each tells me something different that I want to know.

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