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I’m sorry, Oprah will not be shown today

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On June 27, 2007
At 4:55 pm
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So there’s a blackout and many of the trains are out (clearly there’s electricity where I am or I wouldn’t be posting this). It’s the summer, it’s Con Ed, I get it. But this? This is an outrage!

mta info

MTA, I know this will shock you but when something goes wrong, as it inevitably will in this city, a lot of people will want to have a gander at your website. It might be a good idea to be able to handle the traffic.

Title comes from ABC/Channel 7 news… actually, what they said was, “we’re sorry, for those of you counting on Oprah, we won’t be showing it today.” I understand. I’m sorry for those counting on Oprah too.

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