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The Big Parade

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On June 4, 2006
At 5:38 pm
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If you are part of any ethnic group at all they will have a parade for you in New York City. Sure, you’ve heard of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade but did you also know that if you’re a German-American, they have the Steuben Day Parade just for you? Feeling a wee bit Scottish? Enjoy your very own Tartan Day Parade!

Well, you may not have heard, but here in New York, we have quite a few Jews. And naturally, we get a parade. It’s the Salute to Israel Parade and I spent my afternoon saluting. Now, our parade is not especially like the famous ones. Unlike the St. Pats parade, there are no drunken hordes with “Kiss Me, I’m Jewish” buttons. And unlike the Puerto Rican Day Parade, there is no danger to skimpily clad women in the park. Ours is pretty tame. For one thing, not a lot of people come. “Yay, I’m Jewish!” might be something one feels, but there’s no need to do a whole parade thing, is what I guess most people think.

Most of the marching groups are religious schools. Like this one.

Sometimes famous Jews show up. Here’s Dr. Ruth. She got her own birthday float. I wanted to shout a question at her, but, well, my whole family was there.

There are always politicians. They need the ethnic vote. Sure they do, everyone here is part of their own special group. I missed Hillary Clinton and Mike Bloomberg (I think they had to run off to the Philippine Day Parade; it was also today. Duh, we have too many ethnicities to just have one parade per day). But I did catch Congressman Anthony Weiner. It’s easy to catch him. You can see why from this photo. Notice he and his sign-bearer are walking backwards along the parade route. His M.O. is to walk back and forth several times in order to shake as many hands as possible. I play this game in my head where, every time you see him, you have to think up a catchy campaign slogan for him, like “Vote for a Weiner” and “You know you want a Weiner in office.”

He’s the guy with the megaphone. His sign-lady gets extra points for wearing a nice, modest, religious-type outfit.

But here’s the funnest thing about the Salute to Israel Parade. See, as I mentioned, most of the marchers are from religious schools like the one I went to. In fact, here’s one of my alma maters. The girls look a little slutty, hm.

But anyway, since they have to fit in subjects like Talmud and Prophets along with your typical English and math fare, there is no time for music. There are no Yeshivas with marching bands. So, we import them, just for our parade. I know what you’re thinking: but, Becca, they look so Jewish!

(click to enlarge)

But don’t worry, here’s a reminder of whose parade it is:

Yeah, you just don’t see the Manischewitz float at the Caribbean Parade.

10,000 Maniacs – The Big Parade

Ironically, I could have used this in my “Songs about Vietnam post” but I didn’t. Phew. Now I can use it here.

Thanks for all your holiday wishes, I did indeed have a lovely Shavuot. And special thanks go to Culotte who kept you all entertained while I was cheesifying. In case you didn’t check out Culotte’s blog (shame on you!) you are specially invited to today because I am the guest blogger! Yes, it’s J-Ball does C-Folle (in the bloggy sense, get your mind out of the gutter). I always thought Culotte’s blog was so much more sophistimacated than mine so I especially appreciate the guest stint. It’s aesthetically lovely and she’s a real writer who has appeared on the radio and everything. Find out why. Not today though, because I’m on there.