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On June 23, 2006
At 6:11 pm
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Just wanted to leave a quick post to tell you all that what I told you before is no longer true. Why did you even listen to me? No one else does!

Anyway, no longer connects to this site as the J-ball’s move to the big time inches a bit closer to fruition. So, in the meantime, please just use to get here and I promise to confuse you one last time in the near future as I move to WordPress and away from Blogger. Most of you were just doing that anyway so I’ve probably confused you even more. That’s my mission, really.

All righty then, instead of posting about something of no consequence whatsoever, I’m off to pick colors for the new ‘n’ improved J-Ball.

Since the post is so short, let’s have a really long song, shall we?

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead