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Change is gonna do me good

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On April 8, 2013
At 1:00 am
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As a follow-up to the “semi-retiring this blog, starting a new one” part of the last post, this is the official moving announcement.

To explain, I think I feel a little tied-down by this blog these days. It was a great, great thing for me and amazing to do, but I stopped putting much energy into it these past few years and it shows. Plus, it’s kind of like a brand and even though I’ve grown and changed, the brand has stayed the same and now feels confining. But I started it to help me get over my mom’s passing and now that my dad is gone, too, the time seems right. In fact, I had meant to wind things down on March 19th, my blogoversary, but that ended up being the day of my father’s funeral.

But I don’t want to sound downbeat. This is an intro to my new blog, which I am really excited about. It will be focused on the new house in Baltimore and the challenges and joys of that. I’ll be posting about why and how I acquired it, decorating and fixing it up, and the adjustment to having a house, living in another city part-time, and a totally different lifestyle. I used to have a theme here, “you live like this, we live like that” to try to explain the differences between living in NYC and the rest of the country. Now I get to live like this and like that. I am both thrilled and terrified. The new blog is where I’ll talk about all of that.

Faithful readers will have seen many hints of this project, from the very beginning where I returned to Baltimore, to more recent talk of longing for change and light, and my constant yearning for a feeling of home. This will probably not be a big surprise to any of you. The great thing is, I am dying to get it all down in writing and that’s something I haven’t felt in a long time – the joy of posting. I am so delighted to feel it again. And I am excited to finally have a blog that I can tell all my IRL friends and co-workers about.

So I hope to see you over there! Thank you for reading, participating, and connecting these past seven years. I will leave this blog online and who knows, maybe I’ll want to come back some day. And if you are not into my Baltimore adventures, I will understand and miss you.

Let’s get moving, shall we?

(This is not a link or even typed text as I don’t want any web connection between the two sites. Just type it into your browser address bar the old-fashioned way).

Edited later April 8th to add:
It would happen, on the very last day of this blog, that I find the White Whale, one of my two best friends from high school for whom I have been searching for years. Good thing I finally went to sleep after writing her nearly three years ago. Well, reader, she finally replied. I am both overjoyed to be in touch with her and to give this blog the happy ending it well deserves.