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Earth and sky, moon and sea

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On February 12, 2013
At 8:30 pm
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I had a different song lined up for today (yes, I cheated and started to pre-list them) but I had a hard day and this band comforted me. You see, we’re celebrating Australia (it’s a long story) and even though they’re half from New Zealand, I just could not bear any more Waltzing Matilda or Down Under outside my lab, so I suggested Crowded House and got Don’t Dream It’s Over. But I have to say, after having a lousy class, you don’t really open your door and expect Neil Finn to be blanketing you with “There is freedom within…” It was lovely. But that song doesn’t usually especially make me happy and this one does. Well, happy isn’t the word. Maybe peaceful is better. Or tranquil. Can a person be tranquil? Feel tranquil? I do not teach English, you can tell.

Anyway, on YouTube the beginning is cut off but here it is.