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Sound formed in a vacuum

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On October 21, 2012
At 9:00 am
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A long time ago, in a far away place (they call it Connecticut), I attended summer session at Yale, where I took Creative Writing Workshop and Introduction to Psychology. I roomed with one of my best friends from high school (not my HS but hey, we were both in HS so I call her that) who also took Intro to Psych. Now she’s a Psych professor and I am a professional writer. Oops, only half of that is true. But that was my intention at the time.

Intro to Psych was a revelation and in it, I designed an experiment for the final project about the only thing that really interested me, music. I can’t remember the exact thing I was trying to study but it involved three types of music each represented by one song with lyrics I felt typified that style. I only remember one of the songs I used and I only remembered it, and that this entire study had existed at all, this past week when I heard it played live for the first time, 25 years after my summer at Yale. It is my favorite New Order song and the way the synth washes over you when played live is delicious.

And well, of course, the melodica.

I’ll be seeing two more shows this month, both from my favorite band not mentioned in the blog sidebar, Deftones. I’m celebrating that with my Facebook Timeline photo, mostly because baseball season is over and my “Orioles staff preparing Camden Yards for MLB Postseason” photo was beginning to depress me. Speaking of, I’ll be in Charm City this week for a quick visit. You see, I’m all out of Natty Boh plus I have a few things I need to tell Adam Jones.

Title is one of the inscrutable lyrics from the aforementioned Your Silent Face.