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In the seaside town

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On April 1, 2012
At 11:00 pm
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Tonight’s the last night of my spring break (sob!) and so it’s as good a time as any to share some pictures from the trip. I had a little slip and fall at the Giant’s Causeway and hurt my knees, ankle, and hand. Everything’s healed except my hand which is still bandaged in such a way to make it hard to type. Thus, the delay in posting. I was patched up by a nice guy from the National Trust who kept trying to make me look at the cliffs while he was cleaning the wound. More on him later.

Here’s the teaser: I liked Northern Ireland much better than I liked the Republic of Ireland. More on that later, too.

The Giant’s Causeway is apparently the #1 tourist destination in Northern Ireland. It’s a kind of basalt landscape that looks like thin columns and tessellated disks. But I really just loved the coastline. That’s why I go to the British Isles, for this particular landscape. I adore it.

Besides the landscape, the other big tourist attraction in NI, especially this year, is Titanic, which was built in Belfast. It’s a huge thing there. Everywhere. I could never figure out whether people actually cared or if it was all for the hordes of tourists who are expected when the big exhibit opens (coincidentally, today). But I did get treated to things like this throughout the country.

I had the song that the lyric in the title comes from in my head a lot of the time I was in Portrush. It’s about the classic British seaside holiday spot which has seen better days. And Portrush has. But I found it charming, especially on Saturday when all the families came. And just like TripAdvisor said, my B&B lady was the sweetest, most welcoming person you could want. And really, everybody was. Everyone talked to me. I had a conversation everywhere I went. It was kind of amazing. I talked to lots and lots of people. But not about everything. That’ll be later, too.

Answer to the last post’s teaser: the cake is called Fifteen because it includes 15 of several ingredients. It’s a traditional traybake (bar cookie) in Northern Ireland.

(These houses face the sea but they’re mostly empty… I wanted to buy one and eat fish and chips the rest of my life).

More to come…

Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday


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  1. Becca says:

    I did love the accents, as hard as they were to understand! But I’ll try to write that post tonight and explain.

  2. Becca says:

    So sorry, I’ve just been tired and unable to give the post the justice it deserves. I think I’m also still processing it a bit. I really want to get it in before Passover.

  3. Luda says:

    I am desperate to visit Ireland. It looks beautiful, and like I imagine in my head, and I also have never stayed in a B&B and desperately want to do that, too. Although I could probably do that here in Ohio if I really wanted to.

  4. Becca says:

    B&B’s are just better in the UK. I don’t know why; I think it’s magic or something.

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