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I could be happy

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On March 18, 2012
At 11:45 pm
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I had to put off my Friday delayed post for this. Really, timely news keeps interrupting my flow; it’s not my fault! I just discovered that yesterday was the 50th birthday of one of my favorite actress/singers of the 80’s, Clare Grogan of Altered Images and various Bill Forsyth movies.

I have learned through hard experience to not say things like, “OMG, you will LOVE Gregory’s Girl!” Because it seems to be one of those things like cilantro that some people love and others are more, “you eat what now?” But I love cilantro and I love Gregory’s Girl (that’s Clare in Gregory’s Girl to the left there), which I still quote fairly often to this day. And I love Clare Grogan who was quirky and poppy and awesome.

BTW, she is still acting and I think singing, but I admit to not having seen/heard anything of hers in a while. I think this video is probably from when she was more like 20.

Altered Images also had a song called Happy Birthday which you may remember from the movie Sixteen Candles and that might seem more appropriate to this post. But I prefer this song, not only because I like it better, but because it perfectly encapsulates the theme of the month. I might not be happy… but I could be!