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What do you want, a cookie?

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On March 8, 2012
At 11:45 pm
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Sorry I’m late! It’s been a hectic few days… Purim really needs to fall on a Monday more of the time. Anyhoo, this post is really for me, because I have found this blog to be an invaluable tool to remembering what I make each year. I actually wanted to make a cookie I saw from a few years ago and have totally forgotten what it is or where I got the recipe. Oops.

Most of these are old standbys, but here goes, around the horn:
1. At top, brown sugar poundcake. So easy, so tasty.
2. At right, chocolate chip crack, everyone’s favorite (seriously, people at work want to marry this).
3. Mid-bottom, Hamantaschen, in my traditional raspberry and Nutella (I found better quality seedless raspberry jam this year – hurrah!).
4. New entry this year, although I used to make them all the time, orange spritz cookies. I love these but getting the cookie shooter out and then cleaning it is always a pain. Making up for that slightly is that the cookies are super-quick to actually form (that’s the “shooter” part of the thing). Also, that they’re fabulous, with fresh orange taste. Zesty!

Guest-starring: various Israeli candies, a tea bag.

So there we are, hope you had a happy Purim or live near someone who shared cookies!

Title comes from a comment I saw on Slate in response to someone who made that tedious “I don’t even own a television” comment someone always has to make on posts about modern life.