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The juice of the carrot, the smile of the parrot

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On February 23, 2012
At 10:00 pm
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So this is a bit more complicated than I thought, and not just because I am miserable and humorless at the moment with yet another bad cold (insert comment about little kids and their germs). No, I am stuck on procedural issues. Just what constitutes a happy thought? Something funny that happened to me? Things that float my boat? A warm gun?


I decided to go with another song for inspiration: Reasons to be Cheerful. It’s just a list of… wait for it… mundane reasons to be cheerful. You know those songs that are just lists, like “88 Lines About 44 Women” and “People Who Died?” Like that.

FYI, this will not be a list.

As a starter, I will share that I was excited to see that Hunger Games tickets are on sale. It premieres on March 23rd, the last day of this challenge. As a person who reads one book a year and sees one movie a year, I am excited! It’s both in one! If I finish this challenge, I will be seeing it. Also, if I don’t finish the challenge. But seriously, I loved this book and am so looking forward to the movie. I do not yet have tickets but I can wait. Wait until all the germy kids have seen it, yes.

Title comes from:
Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3


Happy the man (or woman)

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On February 22, 2012
At 8:30 pm
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Tonight begins the month of Adar and as I’ve written before, Jews are advised that it’s a month to be happy. Again, as I’ve written before, sometimes this can be challenging, as it was for my mother after her own mother died during Adar. But she tried and did a good job.

I’ve had my own issues lately, as you know, but right now, I’m still stunned and saddened for a dear friend and friend of this blog whose husband passed away unexpectedly this week. I am so sad for her that any happiness I feel is dipped in sorrow. But she herself once advised me not to lolligag in sadness. And so for her sake and for my Mom’s, I am going to give myself an Adar challenge. This is a first in the history of JBall! I am sometimes so uninspired about what to write that I’ve always wanted to take on one of these challenges that make you post on a certain topic every day. There’s a Depeche Mode one going on now called “30 Days of Depeche Mode” that I thought of doing but in the end, didn’t. But I’ve enjoyed reading several other people’s.

So during the month of Adar, from tomorrow through March 23, I am going to attempt to post a happy thought or song every single day (except Saturdays, my blog’s day of rest). Yes, it will be a cheer-a-palooza! And believe it or not, it’s harder to find happy songs in my collection than happy sentiments in my brain (you’ll notice there’s a “Rants” category but no “Yay! one) so those totally count. Too bad I already posted “Super Karate Monkey Death Car.” Oh well. Maybe there will be other happy videos in your future! Now there’s a jolly thought.

There has also been a recent Jew & A question (well, I lied, it wasn’t recent, I just haven’t gotten to it) so we’ll try to make that a joyful post, too. As an aside, there really aren’t enough synonyms for happy and I would like gay back.

So here we go, and have no fear, “Don’t worry, be happy” will never, ever be posted on this blog.

Title from:
The Cure – Happy the Man