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Part 3

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On February 26, 2012
At 9:00 pm
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I couldn’t resist naming this after “Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part 3,” since it is my 3rd post. There is no Part 1 or Part 2, that’s the joke I guess. Anyway!

For those who wanted Jew & A, there are now TWO Jew & A questions in the queue and I will absolutely get to them this week. It’s just that being high on cold medicine is not a perfect state in which to write lucid texts. I mostly spent the weekend reading novels I’ve already read plus playing Freecell. It’s been productive.

But speaking of books I’ve already read, I bought a few more Judy Blume novels from Powell’s recently and found over this reading that one was missing some pages just near the end. Ugh. But Powell’s is just awesome and told me to not bother sending it back and they’d just refund my money. So here’s my reason to be cheerful/Adar post for the day: some places still remember what awesome customer service is! Shop at Powell’s!

Besides Powell’s, I want to shout out to AUL Superstore who I have been meaning to talk about for over two years (oops). While I was doing the bakery, they took care of a problematic order of mine way above and beyond what was needed. It just amazed me. So if you have a bulk grocery order (or, really, any grocery order), totally shop there. They will take care of you.

So three (ha) cheers for businesses that still consider customer satisfaction to be important.

I really wanted to use Jesus Jones’ “Are You Satisfied?” but it appears they took it off the mp3 download album. There must be a story here but I’m too cheerful (and high on Sudafed) to research it.


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  1. Mo says:

    Oooh, I have good news from you (Powell’s takes online orders!) and good news for you: they are making a movie of Tiger Eyes. It’s the first Judy Blume novel to be made into a motion picture. That was always my favorite Judy Blume book, and her son is filming it, with his mother advising right by his side. I am soooo excited.

    I’m not Jewish, but maybe I will celebrate my own version of Adar for the month of March. I certainly could use some kind of kick in the pants to make me recognize that my world is not a place of dark and damp and smelly evil. Well, not ~only~ that place.

  2. Elena says:

    Yay, yay!
    Jew and A!
    –waving pom poms and wearing a short pleated skirt as I jump in the air. And trip over my chair. That should make anyone laugh, even if they try not to. I also like the idea of a month of finding things to be happy about.

  3. Becca says:

    Mo, I know! Do you follow Judy Blume on Twitter? It was so fun to hear her excitement as it was filmed. I’m so glad she was heavily involved.

    And I highly recommend this; it’s truly difficult to focus on the positive sometimes. OK, for me always.

    Elena, thanks for your patience! Your call is very important to us.

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