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On January 12, 2012
At 9:00 pm
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I am compiling a list of the things they don’t tell you about teaching (Tami can tell you the one I mentioned to her today: that you get a lot of vacation but you have so much work that you end up working through it). Another is that you can hear people calling your name in your dreams. A cacophony of voices calling, “Ms. Jball, Ms. Jball, Ms. Jbaaaaaall, I need heeeeeellllllp!” This is to say, I had a long day. 7am to 5pm with one 25 minute break and many cups of coffee. The funny part is, I taught blogging to 3rd graders today and so the WordPress post box I am looking at right now looks exactly like what was on my Smartboard for much of the day. But I digress.

At the end of the day, I went to Trader Joe’s and bought two bags worth of groceries. The cashier adeptly divided the items into the bags and kept picking them both up and then redistributing to even things out. This struck me as considerate but unusual. To make conversation, because I find it awkward to stand and watch people doing things for me, I said, “thanks, because I’m a Libra so I like things balanced, ha ha.” He answered, without any humor, “I’m a Libra, too, but I don’t care about that stuff.” Then I had to say, “well, actually, me either.” What I didn’t add was, “I was just making conversation, could you work with me here?”

Then, as I walked away with my two bags of similar weight, this song came on the store’s sound system. I kid you not:

1. This is a terrible, terrible video.
2. I do not believe in astrology but I totally believe that God is a DJ.

By the way, if you are imagining that I left the store while the song was playing, you would be INCORRECT. Naturally, I spent the time answering some work emails.


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  1. monnik says:

    I love thinking of God as a DJ.

    Sounds like you are crazy busy.

  2. Becca says:

    I am! But in a good way. 🙂

  3. sarrpon says:

    But Space Invaders!

  4. Becca says:

    I know! That was a redeeming factor, I admit.

  5. Alex says:

    You thought that saying, “That’s my name. Don’t wear it out,” originated on the playground, didn’t you?

    It didn’t. It originated in the teachers’ work room.

  6. Becca says:

    Makes perfect sense.

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