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It certainly was a white Hannukah

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On January 1, 2012
At 11:00 pm
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I really wanted to write a positive (and mundane) post after the last two so I’m going to describe some of the fun things I got for Hannukah and what I am doing with them.

I got this new crockpot to replace one that died when I was making lunch for me and Pious B (it’s OK, a Dutch oven saved the day). I like it because it’s programmable so when I make a shabbat cholent, which is a stew that cooks forever, aka, 12-18 hours, I can have it just keep warm for the rest of it. My first recipe, unless there’s a big sale on brisket, will be this one from Alfa’s blog. I love baked beans.

FYI, the disembodied hand did not come with the slow cooker.

I also received some money and so I finally purchased a decent phone, the Galaxy SII from Samsung. I spent five days setting it up. I didn’t really use my last Android phone as anything but a phone and wireless hotspot for my Apple devices so there was a steep learning curve in how to configure this thing to be The Device. But I put all my music on it and it has Freecell and the subway app, so I guess I am good to go. By the way, if you remember how much I complained about the ineffectual indicator light on my last phone, you will be interested to know that this phone has no light at all. I no longer have any dealbreakers with phones; I just go with the best of the lot that’s out there. Or maybe I’m still sort of in “whatever” mode.

This book about the history of MTV is fascinating if you are a person who watched a lot of it back in the day. I have it on Kindle and I have taken to reading right on my computer which means I can watch all the videos as they talk about them. It’s really important so that when the guy from Ratt says he nailed the landing on the table, you can check that out, or for when Martha Quinn says she had a cameo in Going Back to Cali. So far, the thing that amazed me the most is that the woman from the Kajagoogoo video ended up marrying Dennis Miller. Did not see that coming.

Funny thought:it is a good thing I no longer do iPod Song of the Week, as for the first time since 2002, I am not using an iPod to listen to music on the go. Weird. And speaking of former aspects of this blog, it’s David Nalbandian’s birthday. He has hit the ripe old age of 30. To mark the occasion, I’m taking down his page, since I no longer update it and there are far better sites on the web to find out his schedule, which there weren’t when I started. (This is my favorite site and it has a good listing.) But it had a good run, and God knows it brought me far weirder searches than I would have expected (or wanted). ¡Adiós!

I leave you with this video, which Billy Squier says destroyed his career. I don’t remember it at all, but it would seem that’s a good thing, since Squier would like everyone to know that he is heterosexual. Happy new year!


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  1. Deas says:

    Did the slow cooker come with the ham?

  2. Becca says:

    No, the Jewish version comes with gefilte fish.

  3. Cathy says:

    I don’t think Squire comes across as gay. More like teenage girl lip syncing into a hairbrush.

  4. Shan/Kear says:

    Nice crockpot!

    I ended up buying the MTV book on Kindle. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend $15 but after reading move reviews, I hit the button. I look forward to reading it. Thank you for the recommendation.

  5. Becca says:

    Cathy, I think it’s assumed that straight men don’t do the teenage girl thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Also the pastel sheets and the, uh, dancing “style.”

    Shan, thanks! The book is really that great. I am totally absorbed and it’s especially good for people like me with short attention spans because it’s told in short vignettes by the people who were there (employees, directors, artists, etc.). Some of the anecdotes just blow your mind.

  6. Elena says:

    Niiiice crockpot! Santa did not bring me the one I asked for. Maybe I should convert. But I dod ge ta madoline–and I haven’t cut my fingers off yet! Probably because I haven’t washed it yet for first use.
    Would you believe I never watched MTV? Yes, you would easily believe it. I never had cable til I was 47.
    I am now watching the Rose Parade and am hearing marching bands trying to play current pop tunes–something that has always seemed so dorky to me.

  7. starz says:

    I remember this video. Bless his heart. What was he thinking?

    (Nice c.pot!)

  8. Shan/Kear says:

    I am into that book too, I love it. And I am doing what you do, read something, check out the video.

    Thanks for reintroducing me to the videos we grew up with. Looking at them now, they were pretty bad. But we sure loved them then.

  9. Becca says:

    Elena, oh a mandoline is great! Watch your fingers! Don’t envy the crockpot; I know you have the same kitchen storage issues as I do.

    Starz, thanks! According to the book, he was thinking that the director would fix it all in editing. Not so much.

    Shan, isn’t it a blast from the past? And so revealing. I am 50% of the way through but I just went back to work so it will be slower going. I just love love love it, though.

  10. Shan/Kear says:

    I am up to the use of drugs. The Stevie Nicks couch story had me laughing.

    And it a blast from the past.

  11. Becca says:

    I finished! LOVED the whole thing. I may read it again.

  12. KP says:

    Love the gifts Bec! I want that book! I read the Live From New York book about SNL this past year and this one sounds like it would be similar.

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