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I’ve got baseball fever – literally

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On October 4, 2011
At 11:50 pm
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You know, I considered buying tickets to see Game 5, which is on my birthday, right after Game 2 when it seemed there would be a chance it would actually occur. All they had left were nosebleeds. I decided that if they lost, I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend one’s special day than high up in the stands, freezing cold, seeing your team’s season end. Now that I am coming down with a cold caught from weeks of touching a dozen computers which have been handled by five children each per day (you do the math!), I think this was a wise decision. So the progression of my plans has been: Live Game > Bar With Friends > Bed and Tea. I think, if they win, I will not mind.

Apropos of (all of this and) nothing, I saw the Psychedelic Furs this week with KP and although I was really psyched (ha) because they are a band I’ve always loved but never seen, I was disappointed by the song choices: hits I didn’t like and obscure songs that were too obscure for me to know. This is my favorite P-Furs song and the mix they used to play on Saturday late nights on WLIR. (No, they did not play this).

Psychedelic Furs – Heartbeat (NY Mix)


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  1. sarpon says:

    It’s the secret to successful teaching – Purell.

  2. Becca says:

    There is one right outside my lab. But I don’t use it and don’t ask the kids to either. I think those germ killers are contributing to superbugs. I wash my hands often and the computers are wiped down every night (luckily not by me). Alas.

  3. Elena says:

    Happy belated birthday, Becca! Sorry your plans for a Game 5 fell through [well, not really sorry the Yankees lost–they win so often! Let some other poor guys have a turn]. I hope your cold is over by now.

  4. Becca says:

    Thanks, Elena! I have now moved along to the Cards. I will try not to sneeze in their direction.

  5. Elena says:

    Thank you. They appreciate it.

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