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Endless summer (and don’t tell me otherwise)

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On August 19, 2011
At 2:15 am
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Remember when I used to hate summer? Oh, it seems so long ago! But now my whole life has changed and summer is the best time ever! People keep saying it’s almost over. I call these people “bummers” and “wrong.” But anyhow, denial aside, two of the events I have been looking forward to are upcoming and I am excited. Of course the US Open is a bit over a week away and even though I won’t be able to attend as much as previous years due to work obligations (next year should be fine, though), there will be some posts to bore you to tears, don’t worry.

The other big thing is a concert this weekend by APB, a band I quote often here but I doubt many have heard of. The thing is, this will be only my second concert by them ever and the first was so great, I don’t think it could be topped. This is because my friends got together and got me the ticket as a birthday present sometime in the mid-80’s and we all went together. It was in Stamford, CT, I think (or Greenwich maybe) and the White Whale drove us in her parents’ fancee car. The club was so tiny that the band hung out in the crowd after the show ended and the DJ part started. That was nifty.

The shame of growing up is that you’re no longer totally surrounded by people who want to see the same shows you do. But this is OK! Now we have the Internet and I am looking forward to meeting some of my Twitter friends there. If you live in the NYC area and like APB, I will be the one wearing the “Kiss Me I’m Jewball” t-shirt. I didn’t make up that joke, by the way, one of my commenters did, but I’m old and forgetful now.

By the way, there is apparently some new band with this name, which, having sat next to the legal department at a major label for ten years, I believe isn’t allowed. Hm. Anyhoo, if you like catchy punk-funk, you can check out the real thing on iTunes (it’s not available on Amazon, my preferred service) here.

APB – Summer Love