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Picture postcard

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On July 13, 2011
At 1:52 pm
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Hello from Vancouver!

I’m sorry I haven’t written. Well, I’ve tweeted. And checked in a lot via Facebook. But that’s no way to remind you of my existence when you have so many more interesting things going on in your lives.

You see, I’ve been distracted. By this.

Stunning, right? This place is lovely and that’s just the surroundings. It’s a really nice city, like New York except more laid back. In fact, I’ve seen my first hipsters since I left. I could have done without those, but no matter. It’s a bit overcast, but otherwise my favorite weather. And my feet are about to fall off from all the walking. Luckily, I’ve eaten twice as much to make up for it.

My hotel is right near the place where the riots took place and you see these boards all over:

If you can’t read the tiny messages, they are apologies for the damage. So nice and polite.

This is my last day in town and then tomorrow off to Portland. I have tons of other photos to show from my amazing train journey (things to say, probably, too) but that can wait till I get home. A place I almost forgot. Oh wait, it’s the town with all the hipsters. Yes.

And now off to stuff my face. I mean, explore.



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  1. Elena says:

    Nice pictures, Becca! Be sure to say hello to my XSIL in Portland. Her name is Roz. I like her better than my brother she divorced.

  2. Becca says:

    I’ll let her know!

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