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North By Northwest

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On July 10, 2011
At 10:15 am
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Hey! I’m not in a coffee shop! Unfortunately, this means that there will be no picture today because I just don’t think my poor WiFi hot spot could handle it. No, I’m in the recreation car of VIA Rail Canada Train #1, just outside of Edmonton. In fact, we are stopped for no particular reason. I am imagining it is so they can search the train for Cary Grant.

The recreation car consists of some tables with checker boards on them and a continental breakfast, the continent being North America. The dry-erase board informs me that they will be having Bingo later as well as showing one of the Twilight movies. I think I will be in the observation car then or more probably asleep, as sleep last night was scarce, what with the jostling of the train car. I see an Ambien in my future. My compartment, the “Cabin For One” is adorable, if a bit cramped. We’ll see if I can get a decent picture but I’m not sure the angles of the space will permit it.

I had a lovely time in Saskatchewan, which I am informed I pronounce like a native, and I thank the lovely Holand for hosting me and showing me around. Tomorrow, we arrive in Vancouver and if they can de-wedge me from my cozy compartment, I’ll be on my own there and for the rest of the trip. Thanks for coming along! Imagine me making this whole speech again but in poorly-accented French for maximum authenticity.