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On April 3, 2011
At 2:30 am
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You know, I’m not really sure how a review could be MORE helpful than this.

Can’t you just feel her deep excitement at the music which has emanated from this 4.7″ disc? When I read this, I knew I had to submit legal currency over an electronic network in exchange for this good and/or service. Once the sound waves affect my aural networks, I am sure the neurons in my brain will fire substances which will cause my mouth to turn in an upward angle. After I receive it from the helpful gentlemen, I will be sure to use my pointing device to select the affirmative reply to the final question which has been posed.

In case you were wondering, although I just know it will be obvious to you, this review is of John Waite’s Greatest Hits. A better question was why I was reading this review at 2am, or indeed, any time, but that is a story of many web pages through which I clicked my pointing device and of little interest to the average reader of this linear-oriented textual journal.

Thank you for reading.
B. Jball

I kid! There are several songs by John Waite that I like. This is one.
John Waite – Change


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  1. Alex says:

    Dear blogger,

    This post completely met my expectations. The words were in the proper order and spelled correctly. They appeared on my monitor without any problems. I have understood the content of this post, and also noted with interest its parodic tone.

    A Blog Follower

  2. deas says:

    This meant a great deal to me, I had no idea he could sing. I loved him in The Waltons

  3. tami says:

    If you were a little less brilliant, you would have seen the small nuances of such a compelling review.

  4. Becca says:

    Dear Blog Follower, thank you for the reaction to the blog post. It fit well within the container set up to hold its contents and was comprehensible and relevant. It brought back some good memories of writing this post 21 hours ago.

    Deas: good night, Grandma!

    Tami, au contraire, I feel I wasn’t intelligent enough to really appreciate its subtlety. I keep going back, hoping to crack its sub-text.

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