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It seemed logical at the time

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On February 10, 2011
At 9:40 am
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I don’t want to overstate how busy/crazed I am right now, but this thought occurred to me this morning. See, I am at that stage you all know, where you feel a sickness coming on: your throat begins to feel raw, you suddenly find the tissues are running out more quickly, and there is the edge of ache in your head. And like most days, my Thursday and Friday are stacked like a tower with level after level of things I’ve committed to and mean everything to what I’m doing. So after the initial, “I should really get back in bed” thought and then the mental flipping through of all the things that I simply could not skip today (the work that doesn’t pay me if I don’t go, the workshop in Eastern Queens that is imperative for a project I’m doing, the planning meetings with my cooperating teachers which mean the difference between being prepared and being humiliated in classes I teach and TA), that’s when the thought popped into my head: I’ll simply have to schedule getting sick for this weekend.

I’ve penciled that in for Friday at 5.

Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick


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  1. sarpon says:

    Good Shabbos!

  2. Becca says:

    Chicken soup for all!

  3. Elena says:

    You pooor wee thing! I recommend a gallon of lemonade and hot and sour soup [in separate containers]. The hotter and sourer the better, for the soup.

  4. PaytonC says:

    Well, it’s now 7:30 (your time) on Friday. Hope you didn’t have to keep that appointment, but do take some time to rest!

  5. Becca says:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts!

    Elena, I forgot to get soup yesterday! I need some, badly. Lemonade would be nice, too, but I really like apple juice when I’m sick. I don’t know why.

    Payton, close! It arrived about 8 or 9. Like most aspects of my life, it was late. But I have been resting and plan on doing some more.

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