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Odds and sods

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On October 26, 2010
At 10:00 pm
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It’s funny that soon after I sent this tweet out, I had the evening I did. I ran a program with various speakers and one particularly difficult professor decided to hijack the whole show. Not only is he willful and controlling, he’s about 80 years old and can talk until we’re all 80 years old. When I insisted on getting the two speakers he had skipped up on the stage he gave me the look of death. And the speakers looked like they’d rather die than contradict him. But it had been promised and so I fended off all his efforts to change the entire planned program. When someone asked me how I could bring myself to do it, all I could say was, “holy Jesus fuck, I have dealt with rock stars more diva-like than this guy.” So, you know, maybe there really isn’t much difference at all.

Speaking of change, just to call attention to two new blogs on my blogroll. My pal Jenny with whom I did the Philly Komen made a similar move to mine, quit her job, and is back to school this semester. I wish her all the joy I have had and none of the broke-assedness. You can follow her adventures at, where else, Hated My Job, Left, Now What?.

Also, the artist formerly known as DuchessJane (no symbol available on my keyboard), is now blogging with no mediating identity at Lambic Pentameter. This is something I know I’ve discussed on this blog many, many times: identity and the Internet. So kudos for making a tough decision and braving the final frontier, blogging under one’s own name.

Lastly but not leastly, as you may have noticed from the tweet, I have an iPad to play with, but it is the property of the school where I’m interning. While I haven’t been able to put porn on personalize it, I have noticed once again how assy this blog looks on this thing and maybe now I can figure that all out for those blessed with iPads. By the way, the iPad is awesome for occupying yourself while talky elderly professors go off on long-winded tangents. Don’t ask me how I know.

This title is because there’s no particular theme to this post. The Who were charming to meet and not diva-like at all. Of course, I met them for four seconds. From Odds and Sods:

The Who – Long Live Rock