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On October 4, 2010
At 3:15 am
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Lately I’ve been mulling over some personal things, nothing terribly heavy, but not the sorts of things I tend to blog about either. That really sucks for this site and anyone unlucky enough to read it, though. And so, I’ve at least taken a step towards offering other options by finally making good on my blogoversary promise and updating my blogroll in the sidebar. If you’d believe it, nearly half the links led to dead blogs (oh, the agony!) and some of the others were nearing that point (that post from late 2009 with the “more soon!” message and so forth). My RSS feed reader has probably a hundred blogs on it and that’s what I combed through to come up with this new, pared down list. Why so few when I read so many? Well, lots of them are tech blogs or sports blogs or news blogs, and you probably either read them already or they’re so topical you’d have no interest. I more want to link to friends and other “personal” bloggers that you might not know, although I did leave in some big ones like Postsecret. How can you not link to Postsecret? But even when I include that one, pretty much every blog on the list is written and run by one person and is about personal insights. And unlike before where a certain percentage of the list was there simply because they linked to me, now I can guarantee you that every site I link to is also in my feed reader and read regularly by me. This is not to say you’ll want to read it because I read it, but it should at least mean that I’ll notice when the author leaves the blog behind to wither. Oh, except my own new wave video blog. I did leave that to wither… but it’s temporary. More soon! *cough*

Title comes from:
Joe Jackson – Sunday Papers