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On July 5, 2010
At 5:00 am
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I had a bit of an influx of first-time viewers (I hesitate to call them readers, as I have no idea whether they read anything) last week and so that pushed me to revamp my About section, which I promised to do several months ago but never did. There’s nothing like a lot of new people essentially saying, “who is this person and what is this blog?” and having the answer be three years old to propel you to finally get something done. For those who know who I am, there’s nothing much new for you, I’m afraid. But it used to be that the sidebar said it all (works in the music industry, lives in New York, blah blah) and now the story is more complicated. So because the posts are eternally in the present tense and the present has changed, I thought maybe it was time to add a bit more about where I am.

I also deleted the Napster Links FAQ page as those no longer work. Because they suck. I may update it at some point but if/when it ever comes back, it will probably state something about how Napster sucks. You can consider that a sneak preview.

But back to the About page. The blog info has mostly stayed the same although I took out old references to features I no longer feature and utilities I no longer utilize. One interesting thing I noticed, and this is only the second time I’ve ever changed this page in four years, is that I always make the change in June. In fact, this one is a day off from being exactly three years to the day after the last change. And the page was originally set up in June of 2006. What is it about soul-sucking heat that makes me feel the need to tweak my blog?

And now, a week later, it’s July and we’re due for yet another heat wave. But this is OK, or at least somewhat, as this week begins my new mini-semester and unlike last month, my classes are in a physical place, a physically air-conditioned place. It’s not that I don’t have A/C, it’s that I’m too cheap to run it, and since I already pay huge tuition dollars to my school, they might as well cool me, too.

Today is a holiday for most people, but for me, it’s just another summer day without much to do except think about moving to Alaska for the season. But I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth and has an enjoyable day off to come. If you are vacationing in New York, as many people seem to be, come visit me at Starbucks where I’ll be nursing a tall ice coffee and contemplating whether it really is less expensive than a day’s electricity. I suspect….. not.

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