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Ba boker, yom aleph

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On May 30, 2010
At 1:30 am
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Hey, it’s Sporadic Music Sunday! I’m in a different sort of nostalgic mood today, I’m using a recipe from my mother’s recipe box to attempt to reproduce a favorite birthday cake of my brother’s. A PSA: should you be jotting down a recipe, just because you know what to do with all those ingredients, it never hurts to write down trivial things like, “mix these things first and then add to those things” or “grease the pan” or “use a 9″ round pan” or “remove from the pan immediately.” If it’s not exactly the same, I do not think it will be my fault.

But anyway, while I was baking this, a song from my childhood came into my head. This is one of those ditties that I used to play on my little orange plastic tote-around record player. I think it was up there with “Rubber Duckie” and “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby.” No really, I did have that last one as a 45. Anyhoo, the version we used to have is by someone else and you can find it here, but this one includes a translation and cute illustrative cartoon. So here goes, and maybe you’ll learn the days of the week in Hebrew the same way that I did.

Title is the second line of the song, and when I wrote this: “On Sunday morning.”


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  1. Priszm says:

    I completly emphathize and sympathize regarding the recipe. I decided that all of the recipes my mom has that are handwritten need to be typed up since some of them are really old. Translating some of them has been an adventure itself.

  2. Alex says:

    It was kind of a long way from the Zebra to Interpol, wasn’t it?

  3. sarpon says:

    My Grandma Lena taught me to make kugel, so I know her measurement system. It would have been impossible to recreate anything from verbal or written directions alone. A bag noodles, a little bit water, a pinch salt, a handful raisins — even the number of eggs was “three, maybe four, not too much.”

    We can still come through.

  4. Becca says:

    Priszm, I think there’s a certain charm to using the card with the original handwriting but I’ve been meaning to scan them as well. Mine are also in pretty bad shape.

    Alex, it was even further from David Soul. If you were a Starsky & Hutch fan (as my older sisters were), you’ll know what I mean.

    Sarp, indeed, the cake came out great. Maybe even better than the original, shhhhhh.

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