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Someone’s knocking at the door, somebody’s ringing the bell

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On May 16, 2010
At 4:25 pm
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I’ve been trapped in final projects hell (as an aside, people always ask me how my “finals” are going – does anyone take final exams in graduate school?) but am at last chilling. A final note from the final week: if your professor serves alcohol at your last class and you are expected to give a presentation on your project, the major portion of your grade, it’s best not to partake until said presentation is over. I’m really not sure WHAT I said.

And now for the updates.

1. No contact from The White Whale. I fear it is not her, because we never had a falling out or anything. Why would she ignore my note? It was through LinkedIn which I dislike and only joined to contact her. I’ll give it a week and then I’m deleting my empty profile.

This really puts a damper on the post I was going to write about how I found her.

2. I am excited that danah boyd, one of my favorite social media scholars, has agreed with me about Facebook being a utility. She goes the next logical step, though, and posits that it should be regulated.

3. Speaking of privacy, my census form came late and so got sent in late and thus I’m now being hounded by door-to-door census people. I know, why don’t I just open my door and give them the info I put on my form? I don’t know why but it gives me the heebie-jeebs. So until they learn to take no for an answer, they will get the continual, “well then you’ll have to come back some other time, because I’m not opening my door. I already sent the form in!” There are two out in my hallway strategizing what to do about me right now.

It doesn’t help that someone I know and can’t stand is the “Crew Leader” for my zone. Suck on my closed door!

4. I’m again proctoring at Large Jewish University. It’s like a sitcom where wacky hijinks ensue as Becca tries to wrest control from 45 wisecracking 20-year-old guys! Fun.

5. I finally caught up on Lost. I think I am the only person in the universe who is happy to see this thing end, mostly because I lost any semblance of understanding what was going on about three seasons ago. But I kept hoping. A TV show should not require a commentary worthy of the Talmud to be understood, sorry.

6. This week contains the festival of Shavuot, whereby we eat a lot of dairy and commemorate the giving of the Ten Commandments. I plan to celebrate it by not bearing false witness against anyone. Or killing them.

Coincidentally, I’m close to my 613th post and this is a special Torah number. Find out why on my 613th post! For those keeping track, which would be just WordPress, this is #612. So with my current schedule, #613 should be sometime this year.

Well, I think the census people are gone. I may actually venture outside, says the white, female, single person occupancy apartment-dweller.

Title comes from a Paul McCartney song which is, bizarrely, not available on Amazon. I guess you can just listen to Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey instead.


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  1. wicked-witch-west says:

    It’s pretty easy to ignore LinkedIn. I’m pretty sure I had a message in there that I didn’t really realize was there for a month or two. I wouldn’t necessarily think anything of it.

  2. Becca says:

    Hm, but when someone wants to make a connection with me, I get emailed. Does that not happen for everyone?

  3. monnik says:

    Maybe she has her Linked In profile going to an email she doesn’t monitor much.

    My Linked In used to go to an old account until someone asked my why I hadn’t accepted their connection.

    Were the census workers actually gone?

  4. Don’t give up on your friend yet! I’m more of a LinkedIn Loser than Facebook Failure (I’m getting better). I have a pretty flimsy profile up at LinkedIn and I’ve received emails about connections but I just haven’t gone to the site in a long time.

    As for the census people… Let me explain something first. It’s not like I’m anti-government. Heck, I’m a government contractor. HOWEVER, I filled out one part of my census and one part only. How many people live at this address? 1. That’s it. No more, no less. That’s all that’s required (as far as I’m concerned and if I’m fined or jailed, I’ll deal with that then). The purpose of the census is to count how many people live in a certain area so they can be properly represented. The government can get (already has) all of that other information through other sources. The Census Bureau claims all kinds of things regarding privacy and how your information will be used. They lie. In years past, they used the information gathered on census forms to round up folks and take them to interment camps. They’ve used the information to round up draft-dodgers. I’m ready with my pocket Constitution and have been waiting for the census folks to come knocking on my door. /end conspiracy-theorist-lite-rant

  5. Becca says:

    OK, y’all have convinced me. I’ll leave it open a little longer. Because everything about this person fits the woman I am looking for, seriously.

    Monnik, yes, they were gone! But they managed to slip something under my door. Freaks.

    Ima, that is troubling. However, since they do have that info elsewhere, I’m OK with giving it again. Plus, I live in a rich melting pot of an area and I like to know the statistics on that. Although, true, they could figure it out, anyway.

    Part of what I’m annoyed at is the antiquated way it’s done. Just let me go online. If you’re worried about someone not at my address filling it out, stick a code in each booklet and then you’ll know it’s me. It is Twenty Freaking Ten. I should not have to deal with strangers physically coming to my door when there are about thirty ways to reach me digitally.

    Dull fact: this will be the first census where I’ve been in the same city as the previous, I realize. 1980: Suburban NY. 1990: Baltimore. 2000 & 2010: NYC (but different apartments).

  6. sarpon says:

    You already know how the song says to deal with the knocking and ringing: open the door and let her in. However, it’s only Paul “Wings” McCartney talking, so you don’t have to accept the advice (you are, of course, obligated to Let it Be).

    If Facebook is a utility, then I think I’ll be sitting in the dark waiting for a storm to fill my rain barrel.

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