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No, Virginia, there are no matzah meal rugelach

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On March 29, 2010
At 1:00 am
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You know what was weird this run up to Passover? Putting away my bakery tools in my cabinets. You see, these days my cookie trays and pastry brush and dough cutter are out pretty much all the time. I have mixed feelings about closing down for two weeks (yes, Passover is only eight days but the way the delivery schedule works and what with having to clean my kitchen in advance, it ended up more like two weeks). On the one hand, I’ll miss the income and in fact, with one of my big markets being my fellow Jews who were trying to get rid of their own chametz (non-Kosher for Passover food), my orders have been pretty flat this month in general. But on the other, it was kind of nice to put it all away and know for sure that there would be no midnight bake sessions and running to the post office only to see the snarling lady who accepts the click ‘n ship packages (I know she’ll miss me too). As I’ve said numerous times, although I tend to procrastinate, I’m also a planner and not knowing until the day before that I’d need to bake has been a new challenge. A fun one, no doubt, but still sometimes hard to schedule.

So although you hear a lot about how crazy Passover is and how hard the work is to create it, there will be an element of relaxation for me and I am looking forward to that. Hope everyone who is celebrating has a happy holiday and a happening seder!

Still no Napster substitute. Working on it!