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Blogoversary – four more years!

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On March 19, 2010
At 12:15 am
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Last year, I was terribly upset because my third blogoversary post narrowly missed being my 500th post. Well, screw you, random numbers! Because this post will be exactly my 600th. Go me! Except that means I’m posting less than ever, so, boo me. But this year has been a bit different from all the others. I have a new direction and so, somewhat, does the blog. Last year I said in my blogoversary post that I had something cooking and now you know what that was, my big life change. Should you want to do some reflection (because I won’t be doing much today), or just rehash that post, it is here. But besides that, I also reflected on the occasions of the end of the decade, John Hughes death, Michael Jackson’s death, and two memorable Depeche Mode shows.

I think the one about my life change was easily one of my favorites of all time to write (and re-read), but I’m also enamored of the Depeche Mode one with its snippet soundtrack, and my two part series, Guided Tour of Becca’s Baltimore. That had a soundtrack too, you just couldn’t hear it.

And now, a link free paragraph. Lots of times, I wonder if there is a natural point for a blog to end, not because I want mine to be over, but because I worry that I never will end it. Sometimes, weeks pass where I have nothing significant to say or I am too busy writing things that someone will grade to post anything here. This is the sort of obvious place to say, “I never imagined I’d still be blogging four years later!” But I did. In fact, until some other, better medium comes up, I can’t imagine not having this place to connect with people. Other forms have come up like Twitter and Facebook and Buzz and they have their place. But they are not like this place. So thanks everyone for reading and commenting and connecting with me. If elected, I promise to do my best to actually update my sad and old “About” page as well as my outdated Blogroll. God bless the Internet!

By the way, it appears after three+ years of letting me post songs for free, Napster has revised their site and business model. Which means that not only can I not post Midge Ure’s Four as I had hoped to, but that all my links, nearly four years of them, are broken. Super. I will look for a better solution; yet another campaign promise.