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Oh, I WILL have a good day, Janey

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On March 16, 2010
At 11:15 pm
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After all, it could be the last one of my life. While I was sitting in the Spring Break dead-empty library today I received this message via Google Voice:

Hm. This was kind of what I had been imagining but I hadn’t realized the receptionist would be so up front about it. Don’t you wish your dentist were as honest about what your visit entailed as mine is? By the way, Tamara Ross is “tomorrow’s” and my dentist’s name isn’t really Dr. Cassius, although death by knockout might be more merciful.

This could be the best Google mistranscription I’ve received since “We’re gonna do it now in the parking garage.”

As for “Transcription useful?” on the bottom right, there doesn’t seem to be a box for “burst out laughing on an overworked and undercaffeinated morning” so I’ll just go with Yes.

The Police – Murder By Numbers