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Oh hi, are you the same age as me?

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On March 9, 2010
At 7:30 pm
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You know, that age I never say exactly but indicate with every sentence I write referencing the 80’s? If so, there are three fantastic blog series going on now about the music of our youth that you should be reading. And if I have time to read them, anyone does.

1. The pop music blog Freaky Trigger is doing an unbelievable description of every UK #1 and are smack in the middle of the 80’s right now. It’s delicious, let me tell you, even the songs that make me vomit (this week’s is Starship, just for an example).

Popular Series

2. Gavin Edwards, who you may know from the “Excuse me While I Kiss This Guy” misheard lyrics book, is rewatching a videotape of the complete MTV Top 100 Video Countdown from 1988 and describing everything, including the commercials, once a week. The fact that it’s a multi-year project amazes and delights me. The tape is actually from my own cable system but I think he had me at “Freedom Rock? Turn it up!” anyway.

1988 Series

3. Music journalist Ned Raggett is going through ticket stubs of his college years and beyond and describing every show. I will give him that he got to see DM at Dodger Stadium but I got to see them on the three tours before that, so I feel OK with myself.

Not Just the Ticket Series

And, of course, you should be wandering over to Are Everything now and then. There’s no countdown or chronology, but I hear she takes requests.

TV on the Radio – Golden Age