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Gang of four… cookies

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On February 25, 2010
At 1:35 am
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In the midst of all my existential and epistemological readings, I’ve had another hugely important quandary on the nature of mankind to consider: which cookies to make for my mishloach manot this year. You know, the packages of treats Jews give to each other on Purim, which is this Sunday. The funny part is, I always have to gear myself up for a couple of days of full-on baking marathon, but this year, I do that all the time. But I think I’ve figured it out. Here’s the line-up!

1. Hamantaschen, of course. Three flavors, as always: raspberry, apricot, and Nutella. I am disappointed that my new discovery, Freezerves, will not arrive in time for the marathon. So I’ll have to use regular jam. And regular Nutella, but that was never a question. I’ve never actually tasted Freezerves but they sound awesome and I don’t want to tell you how much I paid for the sample.

2. In the all-important bar cookie spot will be Oatmeal Carmelitas. I would have made last year’s huge success, Paxilrose’s Chocolate Chip Crack (many of you know this excellent recipe), but because of #4 I had to go with something else. I love Oatmeal Carmelitas. And I don’t get a chance to make these enough, because everyone wants chocolate. I actually like caramel more than chocolate. Don’t tell anyone.

3. In the easy-peasy category, Peanut Butter Cookies. I always have one regular “cookie jar” cookie. Maybe a little homely, maybe something everyone makes, but when it’s just 25% of the total, it’s perfect. It’s the filler cookie because it doesn’t need to be rolled, filled, frosted, sandwiched, or manipulated in any way. I don’t count that sugary cross-hatch that you make. And I’ve made these a million times, too, so there’s no worry about how they will turn out. Before you ask, no one on my list has any nut allergies!

4. Filling out the container in the “something new and interesting” slot are these, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles. I’ve never made any kind of candy before but I use a similar recipe in my Cookie Dough Brownies so it seems a logical next step. Could these be as amazing as they look? We’ll find out!

Narrowly getting cut out of the novelty spot were Orange Spice Cookies but they had too much spice and when you are dealing with a small, confined container, spices and mint are out. Unless you want a lot of cookies which all look different but somehow all taste of spices or mint. I need an occasion to try those out, though. Someone please give me one.

And, of course, mishloach manot packages have to have foods from two different brachot, that is, foods that have two different blessings said over them. Cookies all come from the same category which is for things made of grain other than bread, so I need another. I usually stick a tea bag in there (the drink blessing), mostly because it’s easy, but also so you can make a dirty joke if you choose. This year I was at Target and briefly pondered raisins (the fruit blessing) but I hate raisins and whenever I get them in someone else’s package I’m dismayed. But they come in cute little boxes! So I was torn. And then I saw that they now have 100 calorie packs of Craisins. Mmmm, Craisins. So now it will be four kinds of cookies plus lil bags of craisins. Score!

I’ll let you know how it all turns out, hopefully with pictures. Only three baking days till Purim!

This song would have worked better if I were including cheap wine instead of the Craisins, but oh well.
Gang Of Four – To Hell With Poverty