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Rock stars forgotten by Becca move on

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On February 12, 2010
At 12:05 pm
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I meant to write a snow day post but things have just been too busy and I barely have time to write this. That’s partially because despite TC being closed, my professor decided to give an assignment anyway. I love grad school! And now I’m going away for the weekend and should be packing right now.

Right now.


Anyway, you may remember my attempt to label everyone in the Band-Aid video and my failure to identify members of the band Status Quo who clearly attained not one bit of the fame here that they enjoyed in the rest of the world. Luckily, the Queen of England has slightly made up for my crushing blow by awarding OBE’s to the two guys I had trouble with, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. I hope they can stop crying now.

Staus Quo honoured with OBEs by the Queen

This is the only song I know well by Status Quo. That’s because it was remade by Camper Van Beethoven.
Camper Van Beethoven – Pictures of Matchstick Men