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On December 30, 2009
At 7:30 am
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And now, a New Year’s Eve Eve message. It’s really by the Kinks… well, mostly. I do have an intro. This has been one of the weirdest years in my adult life. It’s up there with 1992 and 2005/6 (technicality, I’m counting mid-year to mid-year) but the difference between this year and those years is that this time, things didn’t happen to me, I made it a strange year all by myself. Well, it started terribly. There were layoffs at my office about two weeks into the new year and my job was combined with someone else’s, causing me to hate both it and my life. I seriously woke up every day feeling physically sick that this was my life. But unlike previous times where this has occurred to me, I did something about it.

Now I know this isn’t always possible for everyone and that circumstances aren’t always conducive to this kind of thing. But the fact is, I would have said that my life didn’t allow this kind of thing. I have a mortgage and no spouse to depend on should things go wrong. And there is plenty of room to still go wrong. I could fail to find a job and lose everything. I’d be lying if I told you that I’m not nervous and worried and scared. But every day I’m happy that I left my job. Every day.

Here’s a little story from this year. When my job was changed, I went to the CFO and spoke to him about maybe shifting to something different. We had a good relationship and I knew he wouldn’t rat me out. His suggestion was to read some book called “Who Moved My Cheese?” I had no idea what that was, maybe you do, it was a huge bestseller, apparently. But I looked it up on Amazon. It turns out it’s about adjusting your thinking to react to change and letting go of the old. In other words, Becca, give up and go with the flow. You can sort of guess what I thought about that advice. Yeah… I didn’t buy that book.

Eight months later, long after I had made my decision to leave and finally given notice, I ran into the CFO at my going-away party. I thanked him for coming, told him I would miss him, and said cheerfully, “You know what? I move my own fucking cheese.”

So my advice is, don’t wait for change to happen in the new year. Make it happen, in any way you can. Be afraid, it’s OK to be. Just plan, plan, plan and then leap! Even if you fall, you’ll be happier.

So, the song. This song is available on no download service so I went to YouTube. Usually, YouTube comments are kind of the lowest common denominator of Internet text. It really scares you about the state of humanity to read them. But I found this very perfect comment in there about the Kinks’ most hopeful song: “In the imaginary country where I am president, this is the national anthem.” Hats off to you, anonymous commenter. I would like to be a citizen of your country.

Happy New Leap, everyone!

[youtube width=”425″ height=”344″][/youtube]

(The “video” here is just lyrics. Don’t like the song? Read the lyrics! Except that “accept your life and what it brings” line, I’m not so keen on that. So skip that one.)