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And the baby grew up to be one of those Geldof It-Girls

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On December 24, 2009
At 2:00 am
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Oh hey! It’s time for my annual “Jewgirl’s favorite Christmas song” post! I knew you were looking forward to it. I’m going in order so if you’re counting down from the first year of my blog, you will know that this is my fourth favorite Christmas song of all time. But this year I feel a sort of kinship with the song because the people for whom it was intended mostly don’t celebrate Christmas either. So if you were looking to the answer to the song’s title question, the answer is, I think they’re Muslims, so probably not.

Anyway, this song had lots of my favorite stars of the 80’s plus their hair which pretty much fills up the frame of this video. Here’s something fun! I’m going to try to identify everyone onscreen in order. This is because I have four batches of rugelach to bake and so naturally, I’m going to waste my time doing something totally unnecessary. Ready, let’s go!

Bob Geldof
John Taylor
Paul Young
Boy George
Phil Collins
George Michael
Simon LeBon
Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet)
Paul Weller
Martin Kemp (Spandau Ballet) and Jon Moss (Culture Club)
Somebody (if someone knows who this fluffy haired guy is, please fill me in) Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) and John Taylor
Somebody (maybe from the Boomtown Rats?) and Simon LeBon
Gary Kemp and Paula Yates
Bono, George Michael, Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17), and Paul Young
Paul Weller, looking terribly uncomfortable
Gary Kemp and John Taylor
George Michael, Glenn Gregory, Martin Kemp (Spandau Ballet), and Bono
Paul Young
Boy George
John Taylor and Gary Kemp
Paul Young
Kool & the Gang
Jody Watley
Phil Collins
Paula Yates
Martin Kemp
Jody Watley
Simon LeBon, Bob Geldof
David Bowie, Sting, George Michael
Who IS the fluffy-haired guy with John Taylor, this will drive me nuts. Gary Kemp!
Paul Young, Tony Hadley, Martin Kemp, somebody Rick Parfitt (Status Quo)
Francis Rossi (Status Quo)
Lots of crowd shots
Who is the shaggy haired blonde guy? Rick Parfitt!
Jon Moss
George Michael
Nick Rhodes
Andy Taylor

[ETA: Hooray for Teh Internet! I have figured out two out of three of my mysteries. Fluffy-haired guy is Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet and Shaggy-haired blonde guy is Rick Parfitt of Status Quo. Also, through researching members of Spandau Ballet, I have discovered that they are back together. And no longer have so much hair.]

Phew! How about that? Good times, good times. But I did lie about something, sorry: the post title, as it happens. Fifi Trixibelle is not one of those crazy Geldof sisters. I think she’s the normal one. Happy Christmas, Fifi! And the rest of my goyish readers!

[youtube width=”480″ height=”385″][/youtube]

Band-Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas, not available on Napster except as an album.

Becca’s #1 Holiday song.

Becca’s #2 Holiday song.

Becca’s #3 Holiday song.


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  1. North of the City says:

    If it’s any consolation, the identities of the fluffy-haired guy and the shaggy blond are a complete mystery to me as well…

    An excellent start to today’s playlist — moving on to The Waitresses next!

  2. Julie says:

    Impressive! J & I tried to do the same thing, but unsuccessfully. It was more like “Sting, The guy from Duran Duran, you know, Duran, Bono, The Other Guy from Duran Duran, I think his name is Duran too.”

  3. Becca says:

    I got it! I got it! No one exciting, but see note in the post.

    One guy left…

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