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The landscape is changing

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On December 2, 2009
At 11:45 pm
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While I have no news, the world zooms on and other people do. My friend Meaddows is doing an awesome thing and helping to organize a local event to support in their global Candlelight Vigil for Climate Change. It’s on a Friday night so some of my more Jewey friends may not be able to make it, but for the rest of you, it’s on the evening of Friday, December 11th in New York City, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. on the Hudson River at West 26th Street.

They say….

People all over the world will unite tonight to raise awareness about climate change, send a message to world leaders, and be part of the solution. Join us and be one of them.

Please see this flyer (pdf) or get info from here and be there or be dead from climate change!

Title comes from the first song by Depeche Mode not about freaky sex or religion.
Depeche Mode – The Landscape Is Changing


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    Meaddows rocks.

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