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On November 11, 2009
At 3:30 am
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Oh hey, it’s 3am and I’m up doing research. You know what I really have time for? A new blog!

No, actually, it’s a blog that takes a lot less effort and yet still fulfills some need in me to vomit the stuff that exists in my brain into a format best read on the Internet. So it’s a tumblog, one of those short blogs that just lets you post media or links or text. Mine’s for videos. Videos from the alternative 80’s of my youth. Because sometimes I’ll remember a song so good that it MUST BE HEARD. I aim to post a new one every night between midnight and 1am and it helps that I have 12 queued already (who knows if I’ll be too busy reading about asynchronous CMC online learning some night when you want a video? God knows, I certainly won’t be sleeping).

If you’re the type who looks at iPod Song of the Week (remember those? ~sigh~) and clicks the “close browser tab” button, this new blog is not for you. If you really did sigh when you read that first sentence or you listened to WLIR or KROQ back in the day (people who find this blog by Googling “Larry the Duck,” I’m talking to you) you may want to check it out and/or add it to your feed reader.

This is the least I could do and still feel like a blogger whilst sleeping three hours a night and reading 300 pages a day. And really, what’s the distinction between day and night anyway? Not much these days.

I went through my entire song collection to find a title for the tumblog and this one just kept sticking there. Ironically, when I went to find it to post as my first video, I discovered there was no video. Typical!

Here it is from Lala.

And here’s my new, better updated, music blog. I’ve set it up for no comments… you’ll be too busy reliving your youth.


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  1. Solace says:

    OMG! I totally forgot about Wood Beez! I LOVE that song! “Each time I go to bed I…pray like Aretha Franklin…” Great blog! (both of them) 🙂

  2. Becca says:

    I love that song too! And I hadn’t heard it in ages. And thank you! 😀

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