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Coming to a continent near you

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On September 23, 2009
At 9:30 pm
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Oh my, am I busy. Thanks to all who ordered treats from my Etsy shop and thanks (in advance) to all who plan to. Between that, my job, my classes, and hundreds of pages of reading a day, I’ve pretty much eliminated sleep. And blogging, as you may have noticed. As a matter of fact, what I’d really like to post about is all the things I should be doing instead of posting. Instead, just a few tidbits from the week.

1. You don’t need to out yourself, but one of my readers (I believe you are in Michigan, but I could be wrong) has a delightful daughter who used my blog as an example of blogging. She dubbed JBall hilarious! Yes! You may think I’m biased, but I find your ninth-grader to be a lovely writer. Really. I wish I could have written so cogently at that age. And I am excited that a teacher would ask students to do that as an assignment. If I’m misunderstanding what the blog’s about, don’t disillusion me!

2. If you would like to know how busy I really am, beyond my usual, “I have 3,365 unread items in my feed reader” statement, consider this: there has been Push Gmail for the iPhone/iPod Touch for two days now (about 30% of my feeds would have remarked on this) and I didn’t know! There’s something wrong with being a tech student who no longer has time to read tech news. Positive item: there is now Push Gmail for my iPod Touch. Also, since I read that, I only have 3,364 unread items in my feed reader.

3. You know, I always am nice to tourists. I ask them if they need help. I give them directions. Sometimes I even walk them to their destinations and chat them up. I worry about them, in case they get lost. Because, once upon a time when I had money to travel, I was a tourist, so I know. Today, the tourists paid me back. On the way into the subway, a sweet European family gave me their Metrocard because they were going home and no longer needed it. Could they tell I was a poor student? Probably! Either way, I’m so happy to have it. Free rides through Friday!

4. Oh look! Editors have a show near me! Honestly, I was terribly excited to see that (no offense to U2 but I’ve seen them ten times and besides, I didn’t like the last three albums… no, maybe they should be offended) because I adore Editors and have never seen them live. Except, the phrase “near you” has a slightly different meaning to the folks at iLike, Facebook’s music program. Oops!

I wonder which subway line I should take…

By the way, I discovered an exciting benefit of using all twenty-four hours of my day: I no longer need Ambien. Remember, always look at the bright side of life! I would if I could still see.

The Cure – Sleep When I’m Dead


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  1. Alfa says:

    If the Editors ever make it closer, like to, oh maybe this continent, count me in.

    And keep those rugelach coming. They rock any continent.

  2. Alex says:

    It’s a small world, after all.

  3. Monnik says:

    I’m tired just reading that. I love that there’s a teacher out there somewhere who is teaching students about blogging.

  4. Tami says:

    Make sure to make some time for yourself darling. You are worth it. No one will die if you miss one reading assignment every now and then.

    You’re welcome.

    Tami the teacher who sometimes makes a lot of sense and sometimes, not so much

  5. Irishcardinal says:

    What a sweet story about the tourists giving you their Metrocard! “…for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap …. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men…”
    And all that jazz. you were very good to my sister and me when we were weary, hungry tourists.

  6. Becca says:

    Thanks, Alfa! And I am putting your name next to “Editors show – date TBD.”

    Alex, then why does airfare remain so high?

    Monnik, I know, I loved that too. I think it’s a great idea to have students start blogs and begin by looking at other blogs.

    Tami, I’m considering the time I fell asleep in the library as “me time.” That’s what you meant, right? No, no, I’m trying. Thank you.

    Irish, I know, they were so nice to give it to me. It would have been easy to just keep it as a souvenir of their trip. And I was so glad to be able to see you guys. Can’t wait till you come back to look at the new stadiums.

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