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iPod song of the week – I wish

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On September 13, 2009
At 7:00 pm
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Last week you may have seen me Tweet that Amazon was giving away a free mp3 track of your choice. Like most giftcards and freebies where you can pick something, this somehow paralyzes me. Choose something now! NOW! I spent about an hour picking a song, I kid you not. But along the way, I found several songs I could not get as they’re still not available for legal download.

So, record labels and artist management, consider this your request letter.

Not since Kashmir…. oh, I really can’t get away with this. But seriously, Blancmange were such a genius band for combining Middle Eastern melodies with synth pop. Why are they not on the major download services?????

I don’t know why no songs from this band are available (they were my example about how to import cassettes into mp3’s, that’s how desperate I am) but this is my true favorite of theirs. It’s so gentle and pretty. This guy knew how to write a tune. And look like a butch gay woman.

I saved the best for last. This was a side project of Michael Hutchence of INXS and much more political than his stuff there. SO good. Why, label, why? I can’t be the only person who still remembers this song.

So there you have it. These would have been the iPod songs of the week… if only.


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  1. KP says:

    I so remember these songs! I loved Michael Hutchence. He was like a 80s version of Jim Morrison…in a good way.

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