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You hurt my peewings

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On September 9, 2009
At 11:30 pm
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Since I’m at school, I have a couple of Technology and Society questions with multiple choice answers. Have a go! Write in your own answers if you wish!

1. If someone follows you on Twitter, ostensibly it’s because they like what you say, right? I mean, if they’re not a spammer or a pron site… that’s different. So you follow them back, not only to be polite but to interact, because they seem OK. Let’s say after a couple of months you realize that 90% of their Tweets (apologies if you hate the twee language… see what I just did there?) is comprised of bad puns and quotes by other people. This is not really why you signed up for Twitter, it was about having a dialogue and sharing interesting thoughts and content, and so you subsequently unfollow them. Immediately, like within an hour, they unfollow you. Does it mean:

a. they never really liked what you said, they just wanted you to follow them.
b. they did like what you said but now they are mortally insulted and so they say good day, sir!
c. dropping them somehow changed the content of what you Tweet.

OK then.

2. If your blog is now more autobiographical than ever and someone who professes to be a good friend of yours (and they are, seriously, under almost any definition) and knows about your blog e-mails you to check in. That person asks several good, friendly questions about your life, all of whose answers are in the last two weeks of your posts. Should you:

a. point out that they should read your blog.
b. write out all the same answers that you just posted in your blog.
c. feel hurt.
d. a and c
e. b and c
f. realize that no one is obligated to read your blog, Becca, you always said that.

I thought so. ~sigh~

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