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We are paid by those who learn by our mistakes

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On September 7, 2009
At 5:00 pm
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Labor Day: a day off from your labor. A day to celebrate the worker, toiling for The Man. This has been me since I was sixteen years old. In fact, this is the first Labor Day since I was fifteen that I have not been on the payroll of a giant corporation. Weird! Notice I didn’t say “not working.” Because today I did do some labor, I was baking for photographs and weights and packaging. That’s right, just a day or two till the opening of The Great Big Rugelach Store. Stay tuned!

And to those who aren’t working for The Man because The Man cut you loose, I’m thinking of you today. And not just because I read this sad article in the NY Times about people who gave up hope of even finding a job. Unemployment is scary and hard and frustrating and self-esteem-hurting. This is your season to find a fantastic gig, I know it.

Title comes from:
Tears For Fears – The Working Hour