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On September 6, 2009
At 9:00 pm
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I always get annoyed at people when they say, “I hate blogs” or “I don’t read blogs.” I know what they mean by that, they mean, “I don’t like reading someone’s personal diary about what they bought at the market and if their boyfriend will propose or what a douche their boss is.” What they don’t get is that it’s like saying, “I don’t read books” when in reality you just don’t like romance novels. Gawker is a blog about gossip. Engadget is a blog about new cool electronics and such. Unclutterer is a blog about an activity I wish I could actually do. I always thought my blog was not a “diary” blog, it was about music and New York City and Judaism and my take on things. Lately, it’s been more the kind of blog that people think of when they say, “I don’t read blogs.” I hope that’s OK with you because I’m not sure it’s OK with me. But I’m learning to accept it. Maybe it will change again eventually but for now, here we are, with yet another post tagged “Life in General,” my code for “about Becca’s life.”

That was all a big intro for just a little vignette. Today, I was reading through my feed reader and saw an item about a local band that has made good and appeared on a late night show (I had about 3,500 items in there so it probably wasn’t from this week). I don’t know why, but something about it made me look at it as a fan and not someone who was evaluating all the steps and the efforts that it took to get this band there. I think I will still read an item like this one about how the Toronto Blue Jays allow copyright theft in their locker room every day and burn with anger. I probably always will. But it’s just a principle; it doesn’t affect me in any real way.

In my first week of school there were a lot of intros and “what did you do’s” and “what made you come here’s” and I thought about Bob telling me that the only thing she missed about the music industry was telling people she worked in the music industry. I have a bit of a halo effect with that, I suppose, but what I realize is, most of my cohort came from cool places and have interesting journeys that brought them to the same hundred-year-old classroom as me. When I tell people, they are interested, but their stories are just as good. I really like all the other MA students in my program and the other day, at our required colloquium, I made my study group and the professor laugh and laugh. And that’s when I realized, every day is different and unexpected but I like it. And I am still me.

Title comes from (only 30 seconds of a beautiful song, sorry):
Nine Inch Nails – In This Twilight